Int-CIS A guide for BV’s

Int. CIS a guide for BV’s


The steps required are:

1. To log on to CIS

2. To accept new clients when they appear in ‘New assigned to you’

3. To check that clients in ‘Client open cases’ are ongoing

4. To close a completed client

5. To record your volunteering time monthly


1. To log on to the system:

  • The website is and when you click onto the site you will see a purple page asking you to log in.
  • Your username is Firstname.lastname eg joe.bloggs.  Then key in your password, if you don’t know it or can’t remember it, please click on ‘Request New Password’.  You will then be sent an email asking you to click on the link which will take you to a new screen and this will enable you select you to select a new password.

2. To accept a new client:

  • When you have agreed with the allocator that you will take a client, the client will be allocated to you on CIS.
  • You will need to log onto CIS and click on ‘New - assigned to you’ from the purple menu on the left hand side.
  • Click on the client’s (red) number next to their name and it will bring up their details in the summary screen.
  • (Note that you can click on ‘edit the client’ next to the red CIS number if you need to change or add details at any stage and remember to hit ‘save’ to confirm your edits.)
  • Scroll down and click on the 'accepted' or 'rejected' box
  • Once you have done this, your 'accepted' client will appear in 'Client open cases'.  The client details will stay here until you are no longer supporting the client and you have gone into CIS and closed their case.

3. To check on your open cases:

  • Click on the 'client open cases' and you will see a list of those clients allocated to you that the system has showing as ongoing.  If you have ended with a client and they are still appearing here you will need to close their cases on the system so that the record is up to date.
  • If you see a client in this section that has not been allocated to you, please let your supervisor and the allocator know so that the case can be reassigned.

4. To close the client case:

  • Go into your 'Client open cases' and select the client by clicking on the (red) number next to their name.
  • The summary screen appears showing the clients name at the top, having checked its the correct client, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the box 'close case' and by clicking on this box a form appears.
  • Amend the date to shown when the case was completed.
  • Click on the drop down box for 'reason for closure' and select the appropriate reason.  If it is that 'support sessions ended' click on this and another box will appear asking you to put in the number of sessions that took place.
  • Click on the box if you have given your client an evaluation form to complete (ending pack)
  • Key in the date of the first session and the date of the last session
  • Click on the submit button
  • The case is now closed and will disappear from your 'Client open cases' listing.
  • If you record your sessions individually on CIS, do not complete the number of sessions on the close client form as they will double count, just put the date in at the top of the form, click on the evaluation form box and then submit.
  • N.B. Please email the allocator if you can take a new client.

5. Volunteering time:

  • The final step is to record your volunteering time on CIS.  Until changes have been made to improve this part of the system, we will be adopting the following procedure.
  • Record your time at least once a month and as a prompt the suggestion is to do this prior to your support group meeting (Supervision).  So, for example, if you have given an hour of client support 6 times in the month then record 360 minutes against 'service delivery'.   Enter todays date if your are grouping together  several client visits on different dates.
  • Record your travel time in the same way.  Similar for admin/meetings, and training.
  • Hit 'submit for each entry, then you can opt to go back to the form to record more volunteering time.
  • N.B. If you record your time only in the free text within the client details on the close case form, this will not allow us to capture this information and your time will be lost.
  • CIS queries, please email Fiona Ward at